[Help Center] Can I set the submission type and fields for each channel?

Registered date : 2021.03.29

Currently, Online Contact supports submission type and fields to be set separately for inquiries received from help center/call/other channels (e-mail, chat, external channel, etc.).


1) Activate/deactivate submission type


You can manage submission types from the 'submission type' tab of the [Service Management → Ticket → Manage Category] menu. Click the toggle button right of the submission type to change the status of the type. (The default status is active.)

When the submission type is active, the submission type is exposed in the help center's inquiry page, so the customer can select the submission type when submitting an inquiry. When deactivated, the submission type is hidden in the help center, so it can be used to process tickets from other channels.


2) Call fields


You can manage customer fields and agent fields for each submission type from the [Service Management → Ticket → Field] menu. Call related fields are not exposed in the help center's inquiry page, even if they were added to the active submission type. In addition, they are set to be hidden on the processing screen of tickets submitted from channels other than call. Thus, one submission type could be used at the same time in multiple channels.